Lambs average £59.25 at Blackmoor Gate

An improved entry of 2,209 sheep forward for sale at Blackmoor Gate this week.

Breeding ewes averaged £53.80 a head with a top price of £90 being realised by Messrs Phones for a pen of mules.


Another two other pens from the same home made £88 with a fourth pen selling to £86.


Other ewes from Mr RI Crocombe, Dean Farm, sold to a top of £71 for Suffolk ewes and a pen of ewes from Mr FB Buckingham, Pulworthy sold to £70.


A total of 148 grazing ewes sold to an overall average of £41, with the best reaching £59.50 for a pen from EW Gubb at Barnacott, Brayford.


Store Lambs forward included 1,637 lambs, which sold to a much improved trade on last week’s sale with an overall average standing at £59.25.


A good selection of 88 rams sold to a brisk trade with the best to £460 for a ram from Mr. EW Quick, Loosebeare Manor.  The overall average across the board stood at £270 with others to £440 for Mr RT Kingdon, Waytown who sold two further rams at £420.