Last day of last Royal Show

Well, with the news this morning that there will be no show of any sort in 2010, this morning really does have the feel of the end of an era, particularly looking at the number of souvenirs claimed by many people last night.

All in all its been a good week here at Stoneleigh, there has certainly been a good atmosphere among the stock lines and its been good to see committed stockmen bringing out the best of the their relevant breeds. In some cases the judging hasn’t always lived up to the same standard, but that’s showing for you.

Today sees the final few awards decided, including the sheep pairs competition and the beef team of five.

There has been only one downside to the week and that is the irksome decision to allow pig and dairy exhibtors to leave the show a day early for fear they may not come at all if they weren’t allowed to. Surely if its a four day show everyone stays for all four days – they don’t just up and leave when it suits them.