Leeds leads latest bull rankings with £914 PLI

A profitable lifetime index (PLI) of £914 has put young sire Denovo 2776 Leeds at the top of the latest genomic index rankings for Holstein bulls, published by AHDB.

This Sandy-Valley Laker son has a predicted transmitting ability (PTA) for milk of 1,307kg, combined with high weights of fat and protein at 52.1kg and 40.6kg, respectively.

Leeds also tops the EnviroCow index, helped by a feed advantage (FA) score of 215 and maintenance feed index  of -10.

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New entrant Denovo 80044 Highview takes second place, with a PLI of £902 and the highest HealthyCow index in the top 20.

A Winstar Elver son, he transmits high milk components (+0.3% fat and +0.15% protein), excellent mastitis resistance (-3), long lifespans (LS) (+186 days) and outstanding daughter fertility (FI) of +14.

Former top ranker Wilra SSI Faneca Ebersol is now in third place, with a PLI of £896.

He has the best overall udder health credentials in the top 20 and scores -28 for somatic cell count (SCC) and -3 for mastitis.

“The new generation of young sires offers so many of the traits required for milk producers to edge down costs of production and their environmental impact, while cost-effectively producing milk,” says Marco Winters, AHDB’s head of animal genetics.

“Many of these traits contribute to both HealthyCow and EnviroCow, which we’d recommend are considerations in every breeding strategy.”

Genomic graduates

Bull Wilra Knowhow

Wilra Knowhow © Beth Herges

Moving from the genomic rankings to top the Holstein daughter-proven sires is Wilra Knowhow, with a PLI of £852. Outstanding features of his PTAs include a protein of 37.5kg and good udder health (-23 SCC and -2 mastitis).

Genosource Captain is pushed into second place, with a PLI of £807. He continues to display high fat (45.3kg) with excellent maintenance (-21) and FA (235). He also transmits very good calf survival.

Another new graduate is the third-ranking Bomaz Kettle, also a son of Kenobi. He earns a high weight of fat, at 45.4kg, and a PLI of £775.

Bulls for block calvers

Progenesis Wimbledon moves into first place in the autumn calving index (ACI), a position shared with newcomer Wilra Knowhow.

Wimbledon has an ACI of £703. This reflects his outstanding PTA for fat and protein, which he combines with a high daughter FI and good lameness advantage.

De-Su 14222 Kenobi son Knowhow is noted for his high production transmission.

Third place in this across-breed ranking goes to another new entrant, Koepon Raptor, with an ACI of £676. He scores highly for milk components and daughter lifespan.

Progenesis Wimbledon also holds the lead in the spring calving index (SCI). His SCI of £604 reflects his transmission of good milk quality and high daughter fertility.

In second place is new entrant VJ Hoholt Gates Google, with an SCI of £586. This Jersey bull also transmits high fat and protein, along with very favourable maintenance feed ratings.

Third position goes to another Jersey, VJ Groenbjerg Lobo Lobster. He has an SCI of £581 and also transmits a high fat percentage.

Rankings for other breeds

VR Venom

VR Venom © Alex Arkink

The top bulls are unchanged in the latest breed-specific rankings for other breeds.

VR Venom retains his lead among the Ayrshires with an improved PLI of £496. He rates highly for HealthyCow (195), due in part to his outstanding daughter FI (+15.6).

JX River Valley Chief leads the Jerseys with a PLI of £446. He confirms his standing as an extreme production bull. And Manorpark Google continues to head the British Friesian rankings.

His PLI of £349 reflects his transmission of high production, including 475kg milk and an impressive 40.1kg of fat and protein combined.

For the complete list of available bulls, visit the AHDB website.