Lightweight livestock weighers hit the market

New pig and livestock weighers incorporating a range of functional features could help make livestock farmers’ lives easier.

The pig weigher, model ETW 300 VA, from Suffolk equipment supplier Quality Equipment, includes coloured lights to easily alert farmers to which pigs are ready, nearing, or over their designated weight. It has a stainless steel control head to allow precision weighing of restless animals and a USB port for easy transfer of information.

The second lightweight livestock weigher, model ETW 300, is slightly larger and integrates the weigh cells and wires into an aluminium frame to offer protection against dirt and vermin. The battery offers 70 hours of independent operation and an optional extra of wireless data connectivity to a printer or PC.

Both machines can weigh animals up to 300kg, with easy-operating door mechanisms, non-slip floors and are available at £1,910 and £1,765, respectively.

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