Limousin Society conducts survey of over 1000 bulls


Through October and November of this year, the British Limousin Cattle Society is undertaking an extensive customer survey of the performance of over 1000 Limousin bulls sold through official society sales.

The survey will assess the practical performance of the Limousin breed in a variety of management systems, environments and areas of the country and provide breeders with meaningful feedback on performance that may help in future breeding decisions and overall Limousin breed improvement.

In the first instance the survey will cover those bulls purchased at Society Sales in 2004. Wide ranging in its nature, questions will be included on: the bulls’ working environment and performance, calving ease, temperament, longevity, quality, growth rate and food conversion of progeny and the actual marketing of progeny. Respondents will also be asked to comment on any physical or health problems they may have encountered and also on the importance of performance recording and herd health information when selecting and purchasing bulls.

Iain Kerr, BLCS Chief Executive said, “Following up the performance of bulls beyond sales is hugely important. The bull buyer is absolutely key and this survey affords them the opportunity to feed their views directly back to breeders through the Society. Beef producers are focused totally on the bottom line. It is our aim to address their needs and continue to provide them with high performance, profit leaving bulls.”

An overall general summary and appraisal of the survey’s replies will be published early in December/January.