Limousins all set for judging at Perth

Drizzle has greeted the second day at Perth with the Limousins set to take centre stage in the judging ring, with classes underway at 9am and the judge reported to be a quick worker.

I’ve not had chance to take a peek at the Lims yet, but will watch the early classes before the Angus being selling at 11am and let you know what I find.

Talk among the Angus lines is that several pedigree herds are seeking new bulls and prices are expected to top at somewhere near the 30,000gns mark. No sure word on what will be the sale leader yet, but I’m still banking on the Balmachie string being near the top of the pile and I wouldn’t bet against the Lockerley bull being close either.

Obviously the Wedderlie string should be close to the top too and as always Netherton will be there or thereabouts. Beyond that Lorabar Blackstar from Messrs Montgomery is one to look out for and I’m not ruling out the bull from the Campbells of Thrunton.