Lincolnshire Show Results

Full results from the Lincolnshire Show.


Interbreed Mortimers Farms’ Charolais cow Mortimers Racey; res, J M and S P Cooper’s Limousin bull Tomschoice Brigadier Bob
Lincoln Red H M and J M Needler’s bull Walmer Everest ; res, Barwood and Padfield’s heifer Brambles Hot Lips
British Belgian Blue Barwood and Padfield’s cow Ridge Dean Sherry 2; res, Barwood and Padfield’s bull Piggots Artful Dodger
Charolais Mortimers Farms’ cow Mortimers Racey; res, C H and G McDowell’s bull Ugie Agent
Limousin J M and S P Cooper’s bull Tomschoice Brigadier Bob; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s cow Ironstone Vouge
Simmental T Hill’s heifer Scotland Denise; res, J T Mitchell and Sons’ bull Blair Rory
Longhorn J A Warner’s bull Charnwood Gladiator; res, G S Thomas’ heifer Barlings Greta
Blonde W and M Seels’ cow Burghwallis Star; res, L Hawker’s cow Millend Vanilla
Aberdeen Angus V F Dobson’s bull The Moss Mr Essen; res, T A and P Johnson’s bull Yearsley Maestro Boy
Dexter M and J Oliphant’s heifer Pointon Tulip; res, I J Woolerton’s cow Willowbrook Velvet
Other pure breeds C Fox’s Salers bull Manor Lane Phoenix; res, C Fox’s cow Coland Tansky
Commercial B E Williams’ Limousin heifer Miss Money Penny; res, K W Ludgate’s Belgian Blue steer Bob’s Boy

Interbreed P J and H J Rhodes’ Holstein cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, J and S Arrowsmith’s Jersey cow Warninglid Gold Lemig Autumn 3
Holstein P J and H J Rhodes’ cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, R V Wilson and P J and H J Winter and Sons’ cow Cleevale Juror Jewel EX91
Jersey J and S Arrowsmith’s cow Warninglid Gold Lemig Autumn 3; res, Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pavenham Iben 9

Interbreed M Parker’s Lincoln Longwool ram; res, C R Sercombe’s British Charollais shearling ram
Lincoln Longwool M Parker’s two shear ram; res, R Henton’s shealring ram
Suffolk G L Riby’s shearling ewe; res, J T and E A Midgley’s ram lamb
Texel P C Longdin’s shearling ewe; res, S and S Richardson’s ewe lamb
Charollais C R Sercombe’s shearling ram; res, C W and J M Thomas’ ewe
Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ram; res, H Middleditch’s shearling ewe
Hampshire Down J A Atkinson’s shearling ewe; res, J A Atkinson’s ram lamb
Bleu du Maine J Bury’s ram; res, J McInnes-Skinner’s ewe
Other Pure Native Breeds E A Stokeld’s Border Leicester shearling ewe; res, G M Ward’s Kerry Hill ram lamb
Other Pure Continental Breeds D and W Livestock’s Beltex shearling ewe; res, D and W Livestock’s Beltex ram

Interbreed Hutson and Son’s gilt Burma Precious 9; res, Brooksby Melton College’s Welsh sow Brooksby Express 11
Modern Breeds of Pig Hutson and Son’s Hampshire gilt Burma Precious 9; res, Brooksby Melton College’s Welsh sow Brooksby Express 11
Traditional Breeds of Pig R and P M Horsley’s Middle White sow Templeson Fair Lady 1; res, B Upchurch’s British Lop gilt Greenway Harmony 117th