Latest dairy bull rankings feature new and revised indexes

The sire rankings, published by AHDB on 7 August, show some firm front-runners who have retained their positions and feature the new autumn-calving index (£ACI) for the first time.

As well as the new index, the profitable lifetime index (£PLI) and spring-calving index (£SCI) have been slightly reformulated.

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“As with all genetic ranking indexes, the £PLI is regularly reviewed to make sure it keeps pace with industry changes and cattle genetic developments,” said Marco Winters, head of animal genetics with AHDB Dairy.

“This month, the new Calf Survival and Lameness Advantage have been added to its formula, as well as Body Condition Score.”

The £PLI remains the best index for all-year-round calvers. Fern Pearston, genetics manager for AHDB Dairy, has reminded breeders not to compare one breed against another in the £PLI rankings as each breed’s figures relate to the average for that breed.

Meanwhile, the £ACI and £SCI can be used to compare across breeds.

Proven Holstein bulls

The number one bull in the proven Holstein sire rankings, Mocon, has held his position since the last round of proofs with a PLI of £738. While indexing well for milk volume (predicted transmitting ability/PTA 857kg milk) he also produces longer living daughters (+0.7 lifespan) and transmits feed savings for maintenance (-20 maintenance).

In joint second position, with a PLI of £719, are S-S-I Shamrock Mystic, noted for daughter fertility (fertility index +19.4) and Larcrest Commend, with milk solids at 0.29% fat and 0.19% protein.

In fourth and fifth places are:

Fourth – Cookiecutter Harper (£PLI 708)

Fifth – Weigeline Jacey Tobasco (£PLI 704)

Young genomic bulls

With an impressive PLI of £924, new entrant Pine-Tree CW Legacy tops the rankings for young Holstein sires with genomic indexes. The Frazzled son scores well for udder improvement (-5 Mastitis and -32 SCC) as well as daughter lifespan (+0.7) and fertility (+8.5).

In second spot is Denovo 7921 Atrium (PLI £897). The ABS Achiever son scores well for maintenance (-11), daughter fertility (+12.6) and high fat content (+0.20%).

In third to fifth positions are:

Third – ABS Outback (£PLI 866)

Fourth – VH Balisto Brook (£PLI 849)

Fifth – ABS Crimson (£PLI 848)

Block-calving indexes

The block-calving indexes are across breed indexes, which include all the same traits measured in the PLI, but weight them differently.

The Holstein S-S-I Shamrock Mystic tops the new autumn-calving index (£ACI) with an £ACI of 649. Not far behind, with an £ACI of 630 is Larcrest Commend, the proven Holstein with good milk solids transmission.

In third to fifth positions are:

Third – Teemar Shamrock Alphabet (£ACI 611)

Fourth – Mocon (£ACI 607)

Fifth – Gen-I-Beq Lavaman (£ACI 597)

For the first time since the spring-calving index (£SCI) launched, a British Friesian is number one bull, Catlane Caleb (£SCI 470). Once again, in second spot, is Larcrest Commend.

In third to fifth positions are:

Third – Danish VJ Link DJHB (£SCI 455)

Fourth – Danish VJ Tester DJHB (£SCI 450)

Fifth – S-S-S Shamrock Mystic (£SCI 447)

Other breeds


North American and Danish sires top the Jersey tables with Golden GDK Vivaldi (£PLI 515) and CDF Viceroy (PLI £507) in first and second position, respectively.

In third to fifth places are:

Third – VJ Link (£PLI 502)

Fourth – VJ Tudvad (£PLI 482)

Fifth – VJ Blanke Jason Janko (£PLI 479)


First and second position in the Ayrshire rankings are occupied by newcomers. The Viking Red VR Kuusian Valpas Vimpula noted for milk production (PTA 900kg) is front-runner with a £PLI of 554, closely followed by VR Nivalan Fimbe Faabeli (£PLI – 534) who indexes well for health and fertility alongside production.

In third to fifth places are:

Third – VR Gunnarstorp Backen Gobel (£PLI 520)

Fourth – Pell Pers (£PLI 502)

Fifth – VR Oyoja Storegayord Hasl Hat (£PLI 463)

British Friesian

The top two are unchanged since the April index run, with Catlane Caleb, the number one bull on the £SCI, ranked first with a £PLI of 464 and Catlane Cromwell (£PLI 434) in second spot.

In third to fifth places are:

Third – Skyhigh Lord (£PLI 318)

Fourth – Deangate Quaich (£PLI 299)

Fifth – Langley Berkley (£PLI 283)