Pig company heads to Caribbean

ONE OF England‘s leading pig breeding businesses has struck a deal with the government of Barbados to improve the island‘s back-yard pig farming industry.

ACMC – based in Beeford, near Driffield, East Yorkshire – has been asked to upgrade the industry after British holidaymakers complained that the island‘s bacon and pork didn‘t measure up to what they were used to back home.

The deal could involve the export of breeding stock. 

“We are advising the Barbadian government on how to improve pig breeding, processing and retailing,” said Managing Director Matthew Curtis.

“The problem is that Barbados has a very small, fragmented pig industry of only about 1,500 breeding sows, and many of those are kept in farmers‘ back yards.

“At the moment pork and bacon is imported from the USA. The aim of our initiative is to make the island more self-sufficient by developing an industry for the 21st century.”

ACMC‘s opportunity in Barbados came about through contact between Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce and the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

The company is a world-leader in pig genetics, and already has breeding franchises operating in Eastern Europe, Canada and the Far East.

“Overseas markets are very important to us and this is one of our most exciting challenges to date,” said Mr Curtis.

“The aim is to provide the island‘s pig farmers with a breed that is easy to manage, prolific, efficient, and produces the tastiest pork and bacon.

“We have to move their old-fashioned pig industry forward, so that the island doesn‘t have to rely on imports. We want to give customers in Barbados the best product around.”

The company is currently working with Barbados‘ Emerald City supermarket chain on a pork promotion campaign.