Livestock farmers urged to feed back inspection frustrations

Being subjected to numerous farm inspections all asking the same questions is a common complaint made by livestock farmers, with many days seemingly wasted.

However, farmers have an opportunity to feed back their concerns to the government, as part of a series of workshops.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has asked the NFU to lead a review aimed at helping reduce the burden of enforcement red-tape on livestock farmers under the Business Focus on Enforcement initiative.

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Farmers who are concerned about the frequency of inspections, the duplication that occurs between different bodies and the impact this has on their business are invited to attend one of its regional workshops.

“This is our big chance to raise these concerns to government and see action in this area,” says an NFU spokesperson.

Workshops will probe the frequency of inspections on livestock farms and the impact on business. The aim is also to identify duplication by national regulators and local authorities visiting farms.

“To collect the evidence needed, we are encouraging as many livestock farmers as possible to attend and share their views. This is a chance to present evidence from an industry perspective directly to ministers, which could be used to influence government policy,” says a spokesperson.

If you wish to join a workshop please go to NFU Online. Alternatively, telephone your NFU regional office with contacts details listed on the web page.

Workshop dates and venues:

  • 18 September NFU North East Office – York
  • 22 September NFU North West Office – Skelmersdale, Lancashire
  • 30 September NFU South West Office – Exeter, Devon
  • 1 October NFU South East Office – TBC
  • 2 October NFU East Midlands Office – Uppingham, Rutland
  • 3 October NFU West Midlands Office – Telford, Shropshire

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