Feeding fish oils increases lamb vigour

A new cost-effective high energy low intake combination feed and mineral feed for ewes pre-lambing and pre-tupping has been introduced.

SUPAlyx Super Energy Plus from Rumenco has been boosted with beneficial fish oils and formulated to 15% protein, including natural protein only.

The inclusion of fish oil in pre-lambing supplements has been shown to increase the concentration of omega 3 fatty acids in lamb brains, says Rumenco technical manager David Thornton. “As the brain controls growth and metabolism there is a beneficial effect on early life lamb vigour,” he says.

Rumenco says the new supplement will add value to supplementary forages pre-lambing and correct mineral deficiencies. “The nutritional lick is fully formulated, so there is no need to feed salt licks or additional mineral or vitamin supplements,” he says.

Rumenco expects ewe intakes to average about 70g/head/day at a cost of 4.5p a day.