High demand for grass-fed meat leads to call for more certified farmers

Farmers who specialise in grass- and forage-reared stock are being urged to sign up to a dedicated association as demand outstrips supply in some areas of the country.

The call comes from farmer-led organisation, Pasture for Life, who say there is growing demand for meat from cattle and sheep fed only on grass and forage crops their entire lives.

Feedback has shown demand is being driven by groups of consumers on the Paleo or caveman diets and Cross-Fit fitness regimes.

PFLA details

  • 180 members across the UK
  • 45 certified farmers adhering to production standards
  • 18 certified butchers
  • 10,000ha of farmland being managed to the correct standards
  • This land sustains about 6,000 cattle and 9,000 sheep on grazed grass and conserved forage

These movements are growing quickly in the US and expected to do the same in the UK.

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Russ Carrington, executive secretary of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA), said: “Beef and lamb reared like this is very saleable due to its taste, quality and health benefits, such as high levels of ‘good fats’ such as omega-3s and vitamins and minerals.”

How to become a PFLA certified farmer

  • Comply with the Pasture Production Standards
  • Join the PFLA – £50 annual membership fee
  • Register interest at becoming certified
  • Undergo an inspection – one-off fee of £250 or offered at a reduced price if combined with other farm assurance inspections
  • Levies are £5 per beef animal and 50p per lamb sold – collected annually in arrears