Protected protein could save soya costs

A new protected protein product could save dairy farmers significant money by replacing the need to buy in currently expensive soya.

Ultra Pro-R from NWF protects the protein allowing it to pass through the rumen largely undegraded. The treatment method used has been shown to be the most effective way to prevent rumen protein degradation meaning the product is cost effective per unit of rumen undegraded protein (DUP).

The commonest DUP source is soya, but with prices higher than last year, many farmers will be looking for an alternative, but need to ensure the correct balance is fed, says NWF technical manager Tom Hough.

“Protected proteins pass through the rumen and are more readily available to the cow. Adding a protected protein to address the shortage of by-pass protein is similar to addressing the energy gap in high yielding diets by supplementing them with a protected energy source.”

Ultra Pro-R is 75% DUP compared to untreated rapemeal at 30% and untreated soyabean meal at 38%. It can be added to compound feeds, blends or TMR diets. This means it can replace existing sources of DUP such as soya.