Lleyn ram sells for 6,000gns at Carlisle

There were bidders all day at the ringside here at Carlisle with a firm trade for the females and one of the best trades seen for the rams. The successful purchasers travelled from as far as the very North of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & North Wales.

The championship in the females was awarded to B Walling, Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk with their pen of very smart ewe lambs. These went on to sell for £250/head to Flock 1836 D Henderson and R Macleod, Stonehaven. Carlisle 2013 - Champion Females - Ewe Lambs - Farmstock genetics £250

Also in the ewe lamb section John Morton, Penrith sold the third prize pen for £180/head to Andrew Kennedy, Ballyclare. Hamish Goldie, Ruthwell sold a pen at £180/head to Aidan McConville, Newry.

In the shearling ewes Lionel Organ made his journey all the way from Carmarthenshire worthwhile when he topped the section at £250/head to Andrew Kennedy, Ballyclare. The first prize pen from JK Goldie, Ruthwell sold for £220/head this time to Charles Kennedy, Ballyclare.

The second prize pen from DN Bennett and Son realised £200/head to RN Cranston & Son, Dumfries. JA R Geldard and Son’s first pen in the ring sold for £200/head to A Robinson, Ballymena. 21 pens realised £170/head and over, the average is up £4.72 on last year.

Described by many as “one of the best Lleyn ram trades seen”. Although the numbers allowed the ram buyers to be choosey, they remained at the ringside until the end to get the ram they had come for.

102 out of the 137 forward sold with 30 selling for 1,000gns and above and 24 selling in the 500-900gns price bracket.

The top of the day was 6000gns for the champion ram from DN Bennett & Sons, Powys. Plasucha Bart, a home bred shearling ram is sired by a John Morton ram and out of a homebred ewe. Michael Cursiter, Orkney, the pre show judge stood by his judgement and bought the ram for his Laga Farm flock.Carlisle 2013 - Champion Ram - DN Bennett & Son - Plasucha Bart Top Price 6000gns

Lionel Organ, Carmarthenshire sold a Ballylinney sired ram, grand sire Lleust Commando for 5500gns to Derek Steen, Lockerbie. JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold a Sackville-Hamilton sired ram for 5000gns to G & A Fort, Keighley. Having travelled all the way from Northern Ireland, A & C Kennedy, Ballyclare sold Mileview Balmoral, a JK Goldie sired ram for 4500gns to John Morton, Penrith.

1095 Shearling ewes to £250 av. £153.72 (+£4.72)
904 Ewe Lambs to £250 av. £81.01 (-£15) (672 more sheep in the section)
18 Aged Ewes to £100 av. £78.89(- £28)
102 Rams to 6000gns av. £1092.72 (+£132.72)