Ludlow Market sees strong trade

Ludlow Market saw the largest entry of TB restricted store cattle for some time last Friday.


There was a good level of demand considering the quality of the cattle on offer, but also some very nice sorts forward but also some extreme dairy types., reports auctioneers McCartneys.


Steers reached 222.0p/kg and averaged 175.0p/kg, heifer’s reached 192.0p/kg and averaged 164.0p/kg, bulls topped at 182.0p/kg and averaged 162.0p/kg.  The top price of £1,122 went for a Charolais steer.


Ludlow’s sale on Monday saw 398 finished cattle forward and another very strong trade with steers topping at 222.5p/kg, heifers 233.0p/kg and bulls 238.5p/kg.  Allsorts met strong competition again, McCartneys says, with Friesian bulls particularly dear and despite increased numbers, some buyers didn’t get the cattle they wanted. 


Barren cows and over 48 month cattle again saw another strong trade with genuine barreners up to 175.5p/kg.