McCartneys warn against overfeeding

McCartneys reported an excellent sale of prime lambs and cull ewes at Kington Market last week, but have warned against overfeeding lambs.

The auctioneers said:  “With the warm weather and the sprout of grass, be careful not to spoil your lambs.  Check them regularly and do not leave them to get too fat and be worth less money.”

The sale on Thursday 3 November, saw 2,236 prime lambs sold to an average of 177.7p/kg.  The top price of £86.70 went to 60kg Texels from Williams Bros, Llanedw.

In addition, 650 cull ewes and rams sold to an average of £63.30 with the top price of £115 going to Texel x ewes from Vic Hardwick.