More AgriScot heifer judging results

The next two classes of heifers have now been completed here at AgriScot and the Jersey heifer class which featured 14 entries has been won by D S Mackellar with Grayridge Comerica Vivacious, a March 2008-born daughter of Bridon Remake Comerica.

Second was Whispering Springs Iatola Sally, a January 2008-born Sc Gold Dust Paramount Iatola. And third was the Hunter Family with Clydevalley Centurion Belle, a January 2008-born SHF Centurion Sultan daughter.

Taking the Red and White heifer class were Messrs Nadin and Bradbury with Sterndale Deuce Rose Red, a January 2007-born Scientific SS Deuce daughter. In second spot were A and S Lawrie with Hilltower Queen Lulu Red, a Morwick Sand King Red daughter.

Third place here went to Hugh Woodburn, with Killoch Snowflake 41, a December 2007-born daughter of West Mossgiel Class Talent.