More Balmoral Show sheep results

The final day of this week’s Balmoral Show has arrived and its a wet one, with the rain coming down in some force, in the meantime, here are a few more sheep results from judging.

In the Suffolk lines the championship went to Norman Robinson with a aged ewe, while reserve went to Tom Bailey with a shearling ewe.

Leading Hampshire Downs were J and M McCauley with a ewe lamb and reserve here went to the same exhibitors with an aged ram.

The Beltex champion was a Elizabeth McAllister with a shearling ewe, with a shearling tup from the same home standing reserve.

And in the Rare Breeds it was a win for N Spurr with a tup and reserve went to Robert McCauley with a shearling ewe.

In the Charollais it was a win for the Aiken family with their shearling ewe, with second spot going to Diane Christie with an aged tup.