More DELS cattle judging results

Judging has been making good progress in the rings here at NEC and I’ve got another raft of results to bring from the various breeds.

In the Ayrshires the junior cow in milk class went to Hennington Fragy 12 from the Windows, second was East Church Admirals Blissfull 2 from Messrs Evans and Scholes and third was Heydale Ovoid 242 from Messrs Berresford.

Brown Swiss junior in milk winner was Sedgemoor Picasso Trulla from B Miller, second was Kedar Becks Alice from J Lochhead and third was Festival Denmark Regina from the Daltons.

Dairy Shorthorn junior in milk leader was Westonia Marie 6 from R Stockton, second was Rodway Lisbet 2 from G A Madeley and third was Rodway Jenna 2, again from G A Madeley. There was only one entry in the Guernsey in milk class and this was Lodor Valerie 3 from Colin Evans.

The Holstein junior in milk was split three ways. Winning the first class was Aintree Goldwin Nugget B from Aintree Holsteins, second was Huddlesford Melody Highlight from the Copes and third was Holmland Lee Princess Bee from the Bells. In the second split the winner was Danevalley Jordan Posh 3 from Riverdane Holsteins and Messrs Moore, second was Wyndford Jordan Contented 384 from Wilfred Maddocks and third was Newinton Shottle Destiny from Wills Brothers. Taking the third split in this class was Saxelby Goldwyn Rose from the Butterfield family, second was Riverdane PS Sara from Willsbro and third was Saxelby Shottle Marie from the Butterfields.

Winning the Jersey junior in milk was Trecanda Vindication Lily from Messrs Murray, second was Glanmor Rocket Wennol from Glanmor Jerseys and third was Hareplan Zik Gertrude from Messrs Murray.