More farmers use electronic pig movement licence

More than 1,800 pig consignments were recorded last month using the new electronic pig movement licence eAML2, which was rolled out across England and Wales in April this year.

Out of those consignments, 84% reached DEFRA’s animal movement licensing database within three days or less – a vast improvement on the traditional paper system which takes up to three weeks for documents to reach the database.

The online system, which was developed by BPEX to incorporate the existing pig movement licence AML2 and the Food Chain Information (FCI), is now in use in over 60 abattoirs across England and Wales.

It is hoped by recording all movements using eAML2, the location of all pigs will be known at any given time, aiding the industry in the event of any future disease outbreaks.

More advice and information on using eAML2 can be found online or call 0844 335 8400.

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