More from Armagh Show

Thanks to a couple of correspondents, here are a few more of the main results from Armagh Show.

Taking the Holstein and overall dairy titles was Ballyginnif Jasper Whiterose from John Patterson and Sons, Crumlin. This one, by Wilcoxview Jasper gave more than 10,000kg in her second lactation.armagh10 7467.jpg

Taking the overall beef cow championship and reserve overall beef title, under William McLaren, Netherton, was Simmental cow Ashland Lady Diamond 3 from Pat and Frank Kelly, Tempo.armagh10 7911.jpgAnd, sticking with the Simmentals the overall breed champion at Armagh was Ranfurly Weikel 3 from David Hazelton, Co Tyrone. She is by Hillcrest Champion and out of South Park King Kong Weikel 2.

Armagh 4.jpg