More Great Yorkshire sheep results

Here are more of the sheep judging results from here at Harrogate yesterday;

In the Polled Dorset classes the championship went to David Eglin with an aged ewe, reserve was C Pritt with a ewe lamb.

Taking the AOB Continental title was A C and L Bailey with a Blue Texel, while reserve was a Vendeen aged tup from R N Howie.

In the Blackface Peter Turnbull took the top slot with a shearling tup and was reserve with a ewe lamb. Winning in the Bluefaced Leicesters was Matt Robinson with an aged ewe, while reserve was R Peart with a ram lamb.

Champion in the Berrichon Du Cher was D R Whitcher with an aged tup, reserve here was M E and H S Crane with a shearling ewe. In the Bleu Du Maine the championship went to J McInnes Skinner with a ewe, reserve was T S Goldie with a shearling ewe.

Charollais honours went to P D Vaughan with an aged tup, while reserve was Herbie Kennedy with an aged ewe. Taking Rouge honours waas J R Wilkinson with a shearling ewe, reserve was J F Redfern with a ram.

Championship in the Butchers lambs went to Martin and Valerie Brown with a trio of Beltex crosses, while reserve was Procters Farms. Taking the carcass championship was Richard Findlay with a Beltex cross and reserve was P and E B Robson with another Beltex cross.

Leading the Dalesbred awards was J Bradley with a tup, reserve was J K Wilson with a shearling ewe. Derbyshire Gritstone silverware was won by J C Pickard with a tup and reserve was S V and P Scrivin with a ram lamb. In the Halfbred ewe classes James Whiteford took the honours with P J Lupton reserve.

Then in the Hampshire Downs the championship was won by Jennifer Atkinson and David Smith with a shearling ewe, while reserve was L M Chasney with a tup lamb.  Hebridean winner was E C Gascoigne with a ewe and reserve was D and C Cassie with a shearling ram.

Herdwick winner was D Thompson with a tup and reserve was I K Griesdale with a ewe. The Jacobs were won by Messrs Connor and Dalrymple with a shearling ewe and reserve was the same exhibitor with a ram.

The Leicester championship was won by Brian Glaves with a shearling ram and reserve was Messrs Acorn and Shipley with a shearling ewe. In the Lleyns the top ticket went to A C Moody with a ewe and reserve was another ewe from B Walling. The Lonks were won by C A Crowther with a ram and reserve was B Crawshaw with a shearling ewe. Masham champion was a pair of shearling ewes from M and B Allen, reserve was J B Liddle with a shearling ewe.

Taking Mule honours was A and K M Barnes with a pair of ewe lambs and reserve was R and F Wilson with a pair of shearling ewes. In the Oxford Downs the winner was James Hook with a shearling ewe and reserve was James again, this time with a shearling tup.

Suffolk champion was Geoff Biddulph with a tup lamb and reserve was Lilburn Farming Estate with a shearling ram. Wensleydale winner was J Watkinson with a shearling ewe in full wool and reserve was J Watkinson with another of the same. Whitefaced Woodland champion was a ram from A R Howard and reserve was K Dowey with a ewe. Then in the Zwartbles the champion was A J Thorburn with a ewe and reserve was M Campbell with a ram lamb.