Mules hit £94 at Lazonby

Mule trade was more conservative than has been seen in recent days at the first sale of ewe lambs of the season at Lazonby where the top pcie was a £94 bid for a pen from W M and C Wallace, Gapshield. These sold to B Walton.

At £92 were the champion pen of lambs from a NEMSA member from J Lee, Morley Hill. These sold to T W Fawcett. At the same money were a pen from W and I Watson and Son, Saunders Close, these went to A J Geary and the same vendor-buyer combination saw a pen traded at £89.

R J Bell, Scarrowmanwhick, sold a pen at £88 to M Risdale and Son, while R Beaty, Low Craig, received £85 for his best when they sold to N and J Greenop.

Average; 2000 mule ewe lambs £70.61 (Harrison and Hetherington).