New antibiotic-free treatment for digital dermatitis

A Dutch company has released the world’s first antibiotic-free product for digital dermatitis.

Repiderma is an aerosol spray version of the antibiotic-free Hoof-fit Gel, which has been shown to be 1.57 times more effective than the antibiotic CTC spray in tests carried out by the Dutch Animal Health Centre.

The product has recently been awarded the status of official veterinary medicine in the Netherlands and fits with calls to reduce antibiotic use in farm animals.

Repiderma from Intracare, contains chelated minerals which, unlike traditional minerals, can be absorbed easily by the skin. Therefore, it is not only active “on” the skin, but also “under and within” the skin.

This process is intensified because the chelated minerals are micronized which means the particles penetrate deeply into the skin in a short time.

Repiderma also contains adhesive substances, ensuring a long contact time with the skin and after application the product forms a semi-permeable protective layer on the skin.

The product can be used on dairy cattle, sheep and pigs and can be used in every situation where infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.

Repiderma will be available in a 200ml aerosol can from 1 December 2012.

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