New guidelines for poultry vaccination

The Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance has published new guidelines on the responsible use of vaccines and vaccination for poultry.


Launched by RUMA chairman Peter Allen at the “Healthy Animals – Safe Food” conference organised by the National Office of Animal Health, the guidelines come in two formats.


The short guide is aimed at farmers while a more detailed document is aimed at advisers and vets.


Introducing the new guidelines, Peter Allen said: “Following our recent update of the antimicrobial guidelines, this launch is a logical next step to help ensure that animals do not become ill in the first place.  This is helping to confirm and support the maxim – Healthy animals – safe food.”


The guidelines are available on the RUMA website and can be downloaded free of charge. 


RUMA is a non governmental, non profit making organisation which aims to establish and communicate guidelines which describe “best practice” in the use of medicines.