New livestock app allows performance recording

A new livestock farm app allowing farmers to record a range of information on their smartphone has been launched.

The FarmWizzard web app will allow beef, dairy and sheep producers to record performance and legislative requirements on their smartphone, even when an internet connection is not available.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, company director Terry Cannning said the app would enable farmers to type in a range of information from animal weights, drug records and breeding information.

“Even when an internet connection is not available farmers will still be able to bring up information already in the system and type in new information. When internet access is available it will then upload it. It means the app can used for performance recording and also legislative requirements,” he said.

Mr Canning said there was a demand from farmers to develop apps, with about 20% estimated to have smartphones.

Farmers wishing to download the app will have to be FarmWizard customers. The app will cost £250. “Farmers need to be customers before downloading the app as they need the structure behind it.

“It is a brilliant canvas to place information in easily and quickly and also for easy access,” he said.

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