Pedigree sheep dead in worrying incident

Police are investigating after a sheep worrying incident at a farm in Powys left nearly a dozen sheep seriously injured or dead.

Four sheep were savaged to death and three had to be put down by a vet following dog attacks overnight Wednesday (20 November) at Colomendy Farm, in Pentre, Churchstoke, Powys, mid Wales.

Emma Morgan-Page, 10, was left devastated after several of her sheep suffered nasty bites, including Noddy, a seven-year-old she raised as an orphan lamb, which needed up to 100 sutures to its neck and belly.

owner-emma-with-sheepA second night of attacks overnight Friday (22 November) resulted in one more of the pedigree Beltex sheep being put down.

Neighbours’ sheep were also attacked, killing some and injuring several, some of which were pedigree sheep worth hundreds of pounds.

The farmer, who did not want to be named, said he believed two roaming dogs whose owners were not known to them were responsible for the attacks.

“We are furious over what has happened. Emma is very upset,” he said. “We would ask dog owners to keep their dogs chained up or shut in at night.”

He warned that any dog caught chasing sheep on the surrounding properties would be shot.

Dyfed Powys Police, which is investigating the attacks, has appealed for information.

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