Pig and Poultry Fair to focus on productivity

Events at next week’s Pig and Poultry Fair will focus on two distinct themes.

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) will be running a series of seminars examining ways in which producers can improve cost competitiveness by adding value and reducing costs.

These will focus primarily on new developments in housing and new herd health initiatives.

The aim is to raise the average number of pigs sold per sow a year from the current 19 closer to Denmark’s average of 22.

Mick Sloyan, BPEX chief executive, said:

“Over the past five years we have invested heavily in researching the restricting factors of pig productivity as well as studying the Danish, Dutch and French models of production.

These projects are now bearing fruit and we will be presenting the results to producers for their benefit.”

BPEX will also be announcing several initiatives to help boost consumer recognition and understanding of the Quality Standard Mark.

“We all know British pork is of a higher welfare value,” added Mr Sloyan, “but it’s often only a few pence more expensive than something imported from the Continent.

We need to persuade the consumer that they can afford British pork and it’s worth looking out for.”

BPEX will also be announcing details of a new tranche of grants available to producers who wish to investigate ways to reduce costs.

Interested parties should visit the BPEX stand for more details.

For poultry producers there is an avian flu discussion forum at 10am on the opening morning (Tuesday, 9 May).

The panel will be chaired by NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond. Answering questions from the audience will be the four-member panel, which comprises:

  • Charles Bourns, chairman, NFU Poultry Board.

  • Peter Bradnock, chief executive, British Poultry Council.

  • Mark Williams, chief executive, British Egg Industry Council.

  • Nigel Horrox, president, British Vet Poultry Association.

Andrew Watts