Pig farmers step up campaigning activities

Hundred of pig farmers are preparing for a rally in Westminster on Mar 3 as part of a campaign to get retailers to pass on a fairer price for pork products.

The campaigners will hand in a petition at 10 Downing Street which calls for greater support from supermarkets and processors in response to rising feed prices. The petition has so far gathered 5550 signatures.

The National Pig Association, which is organising the protest, has pointed out that pig farmers are losing more than £21 on every pig they sell. The industry as a whole is losing £3.6m a week.

The rally is being planned under the title of Pigs are Still Worth it. This is a reference to a campaign run in 2008 called Pigs are Worth it which led to an uplift in the prices paid to producers.

The rally on 3 March will include a breakfast in the House of Commons where producers will be taking the time to explain what is happening to their individual MPs.

The NPA is also asking consumers to support British pork and bacon by displaying 15 feet banners in roadside fields with slogans such as ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! to British Pork’ and ‘Made in Britain – perfect British bacon’.

More than 350 banners have been erected so far but the organisation is keen that other farmers who have a suitable site get involved. The banners are free and can be ordered by email.

Farmers involved in the banner campaign (see video below) say the aim is to stimulate demand for British pork so retailers remain committed to it. 

They have stressed that they are not looking for consumers to pay more – but they want supermarkets to pass on more of the margin they make to farmers.

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