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#FeedTheNation: How Tulip is helping farmers stay mentally and physically fit

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Tulip Ltd is the UK’s leading integrated pig producer and processor, providing a wide range of quality, cost effective and innovative products through its integrated farm to fork supply chain.

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Throughout this difficult time, we have been immensely proud of the important and demanding role everyone throughout our supply chain has played to keep delivering food to the nation, from farm to fork.

Like all businesses, we’ve had to change the way we work quickly in order to keep our people safe whilst maintaining production.

The agricultural community is at the core of our operation here at Tulip.

Our supply chain starts at the farm and we’ve placed great importance on both the physical and mental health of our farmer partners during these unprecedented times.

An integral part of our farm to fork supply chain network is BQP, the UK’s leading pig farmer and 100% high-welfare farming operation.

Communication with our network is vital and we’ve ensured that we’ve kept our farming community updated on the latest government advice, as well as supporting with practical information on how they can keep working safely.

Staying mentally healthy

  • Farming is a tough industry to work in and Covid-19 has only added additional pressures.
  • It’s not just the changes to day-to-day operations that those in the industry have been battling.
  • Everyone reacts differently to these changes, and it’s important that as an industry we take care of our wellbeing and our mental health.
  • That is why we have been sharing mental health resources with our farming partners that they might not have the time to source themselves.

Information from our charity partner Mind and the NHS campaign Every Mind Matters are great starting points with a variety of resources specifically aimed at coping during lockdown.

There are also several great resources specifically aimed at the agricultural and rural communities.

One such charity that farmers can source resources from is the Farming Community Network (FCN), who supports farmers and families through difficult times.

Available to provide free and confidential advice, whether its personal or business related, they are a great starting point if you’re looking for support during this period.

Other great agricultural resources include R.A.B.I – who offer financial support, practical care and guidance to farming people of all ages, as well as Yellow wellies who have a really useful resource.

‘The Little Book of Minding Your Head’, which offers practical content for those working in agriculture and allied industries (

Practical advice for our farmers

As key workers, it’s important that the food industry continues to keep going, whilst staying safe and implementing social distancing measures where possible, as per government guidelines.

We know with the threat of a reduced workforce and new measures to be enacted farmers are more time-poor than ever before.

Our role is to make it as easy as possible for them to continue their day-to-day work.

We have made the most of the digital resources available to keep our supply chain network updated on a number of measures, including practical advice on working safely during Covid-19, whilst also discussing remote audits and dispensary protocols.

Our field staff and veterinary teams are still available for essential site visits and urgent matters, while our dispensary remains open with stocks currently at normal levels.

Enhanced PPE is provided for all drivers, field staff and vets who are required to visit farms.

With physical farm review assessments on hold, we’ve been helping farmers understand what is required for the offline and virtual farm assessments being carried out by Red Tractor, the RSPCA and QMS. 

We have also implemented plans to ensure that farms affected by a reduction in staff will still get the support required to continue operations and remain a vital cog in the UK’s food industry landscape. 

We are proud to be part of the agricultural community and will continue to offer our support to farmers in anyway we can.

Building a sustainable future

The current situation has shown the importance of our homegrown food networks to a wider audience and highlighted the need to build for a sustainable future.

Looking forward, BQP has undertaken a unique programme to support the next generation of UK farmers and agricultural experts.

And we’re proactively evolving our processes to ensure we have a farm to fork culture that supports our people, our animals and our planet.

A big thank you to all our staff, farmers and their teams and families, suppliers and retail partners who are helping to #FeedTheNation.


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