One-dose pig vaccine aims to cut stress and labour

Vaccinating pigs against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and enzootic pneumonia could become less labour intensive and lower pig stress thanks to the development of a one-dose vaccine.

Suvaxyn Circo+MH RTU from Zoetis Animal Health claims to cut faecal shedding caused by PCV2 infection, as well as reducing the viral load in blood and lymphoid tissues.

Trials also show it reduces lung lesions caused by enzootic pneumonia infection.

Because only a single injection is required it is hoped the vaccine will help minimise pig stress and reduce labour time required for treatment.

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Farmers can achieve protection in their pigs by giving a single 2ml dose from three-weeks-old.

The onset of immunity to both PCV2 and enzootic pneumonia is fully effective three weeks after vaccination.

Enzootic pneumonia and the effects of PCV2, can be devastating to pig herds through reduced growth rates, poor feed efficiency, increased mortality and extended time to market, said Zoetis Animal Health’s UK pig and poultry business unit director Ben Lacey.