2 Sisters launches poultry biosecurity workshops

The 2 Sisters Food Group is stepping up its campylobacter monitoring and biosecurity control, launching a series of workshops for its farmers and testing a cross section of farms after each crop.

A series of 20 interactive biosecurity workshops will be held for farmers in February and March, which will “communicate the latest best practice” by enforcing a range of measures, including controlling visitors, effective barrier systems and controlling pests.

A spokesman for 2 Sisters said it drew poultry from over 600 farms, and of those, around 100 would be tested for campylobacter levels just before depopulation. These farms will be subject to ongoing auditing, before a final evaluation after 12 months to see how effective those biosecurity interventions have been.

That information will feed in to the Food Standards Agency’s wider work on campylobacter in partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and DEFRA.

Michelle Waterman, group agricultural director for 2 Sisters, said: “We want biosecurity best practice to become a way of life for everyone on our farms.

“By working closely with our farmers we believe we can send less bacteria into the food chain and play our part in producing safer chickens.”

For more on biosecurity, have you seen the February issue of Poultry World yet?

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