Anglia Free Range Eggs wins Tesco contract

Norfolk packer Anglia Free Range Eggs has started to supply Tesco with its free-range eggs.

Available in medium and large six packs, the eggs will be produced on local free-range farms and then packed in Anglia free-range eggs’ packing centre in Attleborough. They will then be sold in over 70 local stores across the region.

“We are delighted that Anglia Free Range Eggs will be supplying us with our regional egg offer in Tesco and proud to be supporting a new local business,” said Simon Dryell, local sourcing buyer for Tesco.

Anglia Free Range Eggs was established in 2010, by local businessmen Harry Irwin and Peter Davidson, both of whom have a long history in agriculture.

“Tesco’s support of us as a business has been invaluable,” said Mr Irwin. “We are a relatively new business and we have invested heavily to ensure our farms and facilities operate to the highest standard. It is heartening to have that recognised, especially by a business like Tesco.”

All the eggs are produced to both Lion and RSPCA Freedom Food standards.

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