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Feed is the largest single cost for a poultry farm, and its formulation has a huge potential impact on bird performance. Furthermore, the need to remove antibiotics has led to a plethora of alternative products to supplement standard diets. Here, we cut through the marketing to discover which truly make a difference.

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Distillers' dried grains with solubles a viable feed

As part of the £2.6m Defra and industry-funded Link programme, “Environmental and Nutritional Benefits of Bioethanol Co-Products (Enbbio)”, recent trials, have proved that wheat distillers’ dried grains with solubles (wDDGS) can be…

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Nutritional strategies to maximise broiler feed uptake

With feed prices hitting record highs, poultry producers must focus on understanding the birds’ nutritional requirements and getting the most out of every gram of feed to reduce the impact…


6 key ways poultry farmers can control feed costs

Feed prices soared to almost 20% above the five-year average during 2021, driving up poultry farm costs and cutting margins. This has put feed management firmly under the spotlight for…


A poultry farmer's guide to using mycotoxin binders in feed

Fungi produce toxic substances, known as mycotoxins, as a form of defence against the environment. The development of mycotoxins is subject to specific environmental factors, such as warm temperatures, high…


Young chick nutrition: Tips to get critical first days right

The right nutrition in very young chicks can bring benefits in reduced mortality and better production later in life. In the past, chicks may have been 47 days of age…


A guide on how to improve water quality on poultry units

Issues with water quality that are left unaddressed can have long-term negative effects on a flock, both in terms of bird welfare and the economic impact of disease and poor…


Tips for managing an organic poultry system

As extensive poultry farming becomes more commonplace in developed countries, farmers need to rise to the challenge of meeting birds’ nutritional needs and managing increased disease risk. That's according to…


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Which home-grown proteins may replace soya in poultry diets?

Soya is almost unique in its qualities as a source of highly digestible, high-protein, plant-based feed with a good amino acid profile.  It is also available year round and is…


Everything you need to know about poultry feed additives

According to the British Poultry Council’s latest report, overall antibiotics use on UK poultry meat units fell by more than 80% between 2012 and 2018, to a total of 16.2t.…


Latest feed science trends for poultry production

Yeast-based dietary interventions are effective at significantly reducing the level of natural campylobacter spp colonisation in the broiler caecum. The study, carried out at Alltech’s European bioscience centre in County…


Challenges ahead for insect protein in poultry diets

It is with increasing frequency that news comes from an enthusiastic start-up claiming the insect protein problem has been cracked. The idea is certainly an attractive one: turn waste products…


Soya sourcing - are poultry companies acting responsibly?

The World Wildlife Foundation has accused European feed companies – and the businesses they supply – of complacency when it comes to responsible soy sourcing. That the production of soy…


How proteases can save on feed costs in broiler rations

Protein is one of the most expensive ingredients in broiler diets, so must be used efficiently. Fortunately, adding protease can increase the nutritional value of most protein-containing raw materials, meaning…


Insects could replace soya in poultry feed

It’s been said that a single pair of breeding flies could produce enough offspring to cover the globe to a depth of 47ft in less than six months, given unlimited…


Alternatives to soya for sustainable poultry feed

As questions are raised about the long-term use of soya meal in poultry rations, independent consultant Zoe Kay considers the alternatives. There is a movement within the poultry industry to…