Competition authority launches Cargill/Faccenda probe

A Phase 1 inquiry has been opened by the regulator, which will consider the implications of a merger on competition within the market.

Invitation to comment

The first stage is an invitation for comment from any interested parties, with the deadline for comments being 1 November. Following this the CMA will formally launch a merger inquiry.

A decision must be made by 22 December as to the outcome of this Phase 1 investigation.

In September Cargill and Faccenda announced that they would create a new joint venture that incorporated the poultry production of both businesses.

Greater opportunities

At the time of the announcement, Chris Langholz, president of Cargill Poultry said: “We believe the 2 organisations are complementary. Combining into 1 entity allows us to build on our strengths, grow in the market and better serve our customers. The venture will facilitate greater opportunities to innovate and deliver new and exciting poultry products for consumers.”

Those wishing to make a representation to the CMA can find more details on its website.

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