Consumers expect eggs to be British

Consumers are unhappy that many food products, such as quiche, are made using imported eggs and egg products, according to research conducted late last year.

“Many were dismayed to discover foreign egg products are used in ‘British-made’ products they buy regularly,” said Clive Frampton of British Lion Egg Products.

The use of “hidden ingredients”, such as foreign egg products, compromised the quality and value of the product being purchased, consumers said. They were also confused that fresh products, such as milk and eggs, which could easily be produced in the UK, were often imported.

Feelings were particularly strong where products, like eggs and red meat, had overcome UK food safety scares.

British quality schemes, like the Lion Quality Code of Practice for eggs, were seen as beneficial and a small price premium was considered appropriate.

Food manufacturers and retailers should take note and use British ingredients. Using Lion egg products and branding packs with the familiar logo would help to clear up the confusion, Mr Frampton urged.

“The combination of the highest food safety standards, and a desire to buy British, make British Lion egg products the logical choice for consumers and food manufacturers.”

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