Consumers give their views at Pig and Poultry Live

A debate on the future of pig and poultry farming in the UK is set to kick off at the 2011 Pig and Poultry Live event in May with video footage of the results of an exclusive consumer focus exercise, conducted by the organisers, to be shown to producers.

In the exercise, consumers were brought to Stoneleigh Park, where they were quizzed on camera about their shopping preferences, what they thought animals were fed and their views on GM foods and meat and bonemeal.

After presentations by representatives of the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) and ABN Feed, the focus group was asked some of the original questions to see if they had changed their minds.

“The day certainly delivered some surprises, as well as messages and ideas which we look forward to sharing at the event,” Kate Ride from RASE said.

It was very clear the group were open and receptive to information from the presentations – indeed some of the views expressed during the summing up will give encouragement to British pig and poultry producers,”

The session – entitled “Consumer Perceptions and what they mean for the industry” – will be chaired by BBC farming correspondent Adam Henson and will be followed by a networking lunch.

Other discussions will be held at Pig and Poultry Live 2011 on 11 May, covering a variety of topics such as the future of the egg market, risk management in feed, battling campylobacter and encouraging people to buy British.

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