Cost savings claimed for new foot-dip

With biosecurity moving ever higher up the agenda, a new foot-dip has been launched which, the manufacturer’s claim, can deliver both better disinfection and an audit trail for disinfectant use on poultry units.

The Hysolv FootCheck has a unique system for measuring out exactly the right amount of concentrated disinfectant for its 15-litre capacity, while its ribbed floor reduces the risk of slipping and splashing.

A lid ensures that, once in position, rainwater cannot dilute the mixture, nor will evaporation effect dilution in warm weather.

Another feature is a panel that takes peelable sticky labels to record the disinfectant concentrate and dilution rate, together with the date and time of change. These can be removed and placed directly into the audit documentation, to demonstrate best practice to any assurance scheme inspectors.

The Hysolv FootCheck carries a recommended retail price of £36 – seemingly expensive given that some farmers just use cut up old containers for foot-dips.

But, according to Hysolv UK managing director Geoff Hooper, the precision that can be achieved in dilution rates means the product will quickly cover its costs.

“Take a disinfectant costing around £5 a litre in a foot-bath that is changed daily. Just 10% over-use of disinfection will waste about £80 a year,” he says. “From our observations, many people use 25% or more disinfectant than is needed for efficacy.”

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