Faccenda launches new roast-in-the-bag chicken

Poultry integrator Faccenda and multiple retailer Asda have launched a new range of flavoured, roast-in-the-bag whole chicken, designed to improve convenience and reduce waste.

The new Simply Roast in the Bag range comes in seven different flavours, from “Smoky Mexican” to “Zesty Lime and Coriander”, retailing at £5 each in 500 Asda stores nationwide.

“Asda challenged us to come up with a truly innovative packed product,” said Greg Choulerton, sales and marketing director at Faccenda. “Simply Roast in the Bag does exactly what it says – giving consumers a whole chicken that can be put straight in the oven and cooked into a tasty meal.”

Faccenda managing director Andy Dawkins explained that its project team had worked together with Asda, plus machine, film and ingredient suppliers.

“The outcome is a truly innovative product that is not only good value, but means consumers don’t have to handle the product before cooking – encouraging safe food practices in the kitchen.”

Asda is supporting the launch with a “Love Your Leftovers” campaign, designed to cut waste. Each bag comes complete with a recipe idea and a QR code that links to further recipes.

Asda has also produced a series of videos with head of meat quality Jim Viggars to encourage better use of leftovers.

Research commissioned by Asda to coincide with the launch showed one-third of consumers throw their leftovers away, rather than reusing them, with 20% giving it to a family pet.

Other research has shown 70% of shoppers believe the value of this waste to be less than £5 a week, whereas it actually comes to £13 a week or £680 a year.

When it comes to what consumers like to reuse, chicken is top of the league.

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