BEIS – are you having a laugh?

Either they’re having a laugh, or those PR boffins at the British Egg Information Service should get up from their desks and take a look out of the window.
Aberystwyth braced for further stormy weather, Wales, Britain - 01 Feb 2014
Their latest press release warns of the dangers of displaying eggs in butchers’ shop windows, lest they be damaged by excessive sunlight.

“While we appreciate that it looks nice to have eggs in the window, this is not a good idea, particularly in hot temperatures,” it says, adding that degradation of eggs kept in direct sunlight “could lead to customer complaints”.

Sunlight? Who are they kidding? Any eggs left on display in butchers shop windows are more likely to be washed away in a storm surge, or smashed by gale force winds than affected by too much UV.

Perhaps they wrote this while holidaying in the Caribbean.