Cage eggs masquerade as free range


At risk of being a touch pedantic, the Forager was amused by the front cover of the latest NFU Poultry magazine – previously known as Poultry Forum.

The cover was promoting the Health and Welfare feature in the February issue (just as Poultry World had in it’s February issue – did someone look at our 2016 Features List?).

egg cover

And what better way of illustrating the subject than a pile of eggs in an ostensibly free-range setting? The only issue, as the eagle-eyed Forager was quick to spot, is that the eggs themselves carry a Code 3 marking (3UK13337 to be precise), signaling them out as cage eggs.

Further investigation, using the handy Egg Miles tracker from, revealed that these particular eggs “were brought into the world in Coventry”.

Now who could that have been? egg