Chicken diapers

Ever wanted to let your chickens run around your house, but have been unable to because of the mess they make? Well now you can.

New Hampshire-based farmer Julie Baker has the solution. Chicken nappies.



“When my daughter and I set out to design and sell chicken diapers, it was born not so much out of a need to literally pamper our poultry, but rather to share in the growing movement to bring chickens from an agriculture sphere and into the suburban/urban realm,” she said.

The Forager cant help but wonder how the nappy would hold up against a case of Eimeria tenella.

Here’s an instructional video:

Ms Baker’s website also lists saddles to protect hens from cockerels’ advances, and bonnets for geese. As she wrote on her blog, “The most common question I am asked is ‘Do chickens really wear diapers?’ When I respond yes, the following question is, ‘Why?'”


*Spotted on the Daily Mail.