Chicken wings – America’s favourite snack


By any stretch of the imagination, 1.3 billion is a big number – especially when it comes to chicken wings.

Apparently, that’s the number of wings the American population chomps through during the course of the annual Super Bowl in early February.

But what do 1.3 billion chicken wings actually look like (and do we care?) The National Chicken Council provides a few descriptors:


* If 1.3 billion were laid end to end, it explains, they would stretch from the Panthers’ home stadium in North Carolina to the Broncos’ home patch in Denver, Colorado – an amazing 53 times.

* Even more startling, if you were to put all those wings into the National Football League’s 32 stadiums, you would end up with 600 wings on each and every seat.

* Put another way (and why not?) the combined weight of 1.3 billion wings is 162.5 million lbs, which is over 6,000 times heavier than the combined weight of the Panthers’ and Broncos’ entire 52-man roster.

As Tom Super, senior vice president of communications at the National Chicken Council so eloquently puts it “That’s a lot of freaking wings!”