Eggs power fresh media storm


Never underestimate the power of eggs – especially when they come in double- and even triple-yolk format.

That lesson has been well and truly learned by Bristol pub owner Amy Devenish from the Gloucester Old Spot hostelry, who innocently posted a picture on Facebook of one of her customers, Al Millar, who’d been served up such a combination for his breakfast.

triple yolker

Regular readers of the Feathered Forager – which has frequently covered these little gifts of nature – will not be surprised to learn that the story has since gone global.

The picture was posted last Saturday (15 August), and on Sunday Mrs Devenish received a tentative call from the local Bristol Post, which ran a story claiming the chances of getting five yolks in two eggs “is thought to be a whopping 25 billion to one” (really?)

The “big break” came when the Press Association picked up on the story, since when it has snowballed, appearing on ITV news, the BBC, the Irish Independent and a host of regional newspapers. It has even cropped up on a Las Vegas blog.

Mrs Devenish told the Forager she was delighted with the free publicity. And staff at the pub were equally delighted with the free round of drinks Mr Millar bought them all to celebrate his “one in 25 billion” dish.