How Irish is your chicken?


The Forager was amused to read about this spat amongst political rivals on the other side of the Irish Sea concerning country of origin labelling.

irish flag

According to the piece in the Belfast Telegraph, Irish equality minister Aodhan O Riordain had suggested on Twitter that chicken produced by Moy Park in the North was somehow less Irish than chicken produced by Breffni Chicken from the South, even though both were branded as Irish in the same Tesco store.

This irked Sinn Fein politician Phil Flanagan who said he had a “big issue” with someone complaining that Co Tyrone might not be as Irish as Co Monaghan.

Given that many people in the North considered the government in the South to be “the guarantors of their rights”, Mr Flanagan told the Belfast Telegraph that Mr O Riordain’s comments were “shameful”.

Mr O Riordain has subsequently “resigned from the chicken debate”.

Good to see that grown-up politics is alive and well on both sides of the border.