Brothers take hens on stag in Hangover-style prank

It was a Hangover-style prank that got out of control.

But when two drunken brothers decided to hide six hens in a Bournemouth hotel room of the groom-to-be as a surprise, they didn’t expect to fall foul of the RSPCA.

After the chickens ended up being dumped outside the hotel by semi-naked partygoers the scene took a turn for the worse.

One was killed by a fox, a second was found dead and two more went missing, Bournemouth News reported.

It might not have been quite as plucky as Tyson’s Tiger that the characters kidnapped in The Hangover, but the brothers paid a hefty price for their drunken antics.

After pleading guilty Craig and Bradley Barnett, aged 23 and 21, were were ordered to pay a fines of £315 and £125 respectively, plus costs of £375 each.

Maybe next time they’ll be safer going to Vegas. Or at least the chickens will be. 

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