Jurassic P…



A horrific example of a twisted futuristic chicken-dinosaur hybrid…on another planet.

Fascinating news out of the USA where a scientist, who looks like he passed all the criteria for ‘mad genius’ status, has genetically engineered a chicken with the snout of an alligator.

And before you get excited sorry there are no photos, the chickens were destroyed before they were allowed to hatch.

While some people might offer a “My god this is Frankenstein science!” reaction he has two good reasons for his research.

Firstly, this knowledge could be used to understand and possible help treat children born with deformities.

Secondly, it is important from an evolutionary perspective to see how modern birds evolved from their dinosaur cousins.

Dr Abzhanov is quoted in the Daily Mail, so let’s say it’s veracity is debatable, as saying he is working towards creating, through DNA manipulation, a version of the Maniraptora. A Maniraptora is an ancient dinosaur cousin of today’s birds which had feathers and some which had primitive wing structures.

Here’s a picture…


This little critter is a Velociraptor mongoliensis and was sourced from Wikipedia Creative Commons

Good luck to him with his own Jurassic Park style adventures.