Origami hens send powerful message to Spain

It may be press day at Poultry World, but that’s no excuse for neglecting our other responsibilities.

Our friends at Compassion in World Farming have launched a new initiative to bring home to those laggards in Spain the message that “KEEPING LAYING HENS IN BATTERY CAGES IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE”.

CIWF is inviting its supporters to send an origami hen to Spanish agriculture minister Miguel Aria Canete, incorporating a letter of protest. And to make the task easier, it has published an origami blueprint and a video of instructions.


OK, it looks easy in the video, but the reality is somewhat different. Just printing the letter and outline on to two sides of the same sheet of A4 taxed even the finest brains in the office (well mine, anyway).

And getting the folds of the same size, the right way up and in the correct order took more than one attempt.

But we stuck to the task and now have not one, but two origami hens that will soon be winging their way to Senor Canete.

origami hens.jpg