Rare Chicken Rescue

mark and buff cochin.jpg

Poultry breeder Mark Tully with a Buff Cochin Chicken on his farm. Picture Jo Erskine. © Film Australia.

This Friday Channel 4 is airing a ripper of a little documentary about Australian poultry fancier Mark Tully, who overcame depression by looking after rare breed chickens on his family farm in sub-tropical southern Queensland.

Mark travels across Australia to find rare and endangered breeds and then keeps them on his farm to try help increase their numbers.

It’s a fantastic human story with plenty of chickens on the side but what makes it even more hard hitting is that it records a farm which no longer exists in the form depicted.

During the massive floods across Queensland early this year the poultry stud was wiped out and Mark has spent the last year rebuilding the concern.

For the latest about the farm check out their site. 

For more about the documentary visit Film Australia.