Sporting dreams come true in new Happy Egg calendar


Gunter the Feathered Forager has sporting aspirations of his own – witness his trip to the Olympic rowing and his liaison with former England goalkeeper David Seaman.

But credit where credit’s due – the latest offering from the Happy Egg Co raises the bar higher still.

It’s latest Nice Pecks calendar – the third in the series – features a number of fine-looking cockerels in a variety of sporting poses.

From skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing to the more traditional sports of rugby and tennis, photographer Ian Derry has captured the “rad” roosters as they’ve never been seen before.

OK, there is more than a suspicion that Photoshop played a part – a very big part. But, for a sporty chap like Gunter, the images in this year’s calendar are the things that dreams are made of.






NICE PECKS - SURFING - compressed

NICE PECKS - RUGBY - compressed

Rad roosters with a penchant for adrenaline highs leap, glide an